• This page will contain all
    the experiences I have had, the strangeness I live
    with and believe to be normal, the encounters
    with the unusual I have had around the world, and
    of course, the times I wished that this
    stuff was just a dream.

    Did you ever have a
    dream by the way, in which you woke up and stuff
    seemed right for a while, then became more and more
    bizzar(is that spelled rigth?)_ and then you really woke up, sort of in a sweat?

    Did you wonder if, maybe, you were really
    still dreaming? that your life from that point on

    was one extended dream in which you grow older,
    but that at any time

    [specially if life is sucking big time at that moment]
    you could wake up and go..."Wow...I had the wierdest dream!...?

    I will add my slightly bent observances along these lines as days go by.

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    Well kids, some wierd stuff has happened tom e since I decided to start this page a few months back. I was driving back from Mexico with my little girl in the back. She had spent several minutes giving me up to border patrol over a few bottle of Tequila, long story, short version is, I had to pay duty on the stuff. So we were going back north on Arizona 95 near the air force ordinance range, when my little one calls out, "hey! a blimp!!" I scanned quickly the skies over head and in front, had to, was driving at least 70mph. And there it was, big and silver white. I might have just blown it off, however, the longer I watched it, the more strange it became. It was a really windy day, I mean REALLY and that crazy blimp hadn't moved one jot, and, if it was tethered, I 1.] couldn't see the tether line and 2,] it was spinning at all or being buffeted. It made no sense, so I turned off that main road, onto a dirt road to get a closer look. I went maybe 8 miles or so, and was finally right under it. I grabbed my ever ready, ever loaded camera and took about a ton of snaps of it. The thing is, I couldn't hear the usual engine noises associated with blimps, as I said, no tether line, I got really spooked. As soon as I hit Vegas, my home town, I scurried off the the drug store to have those photos developed at the one hour counter so I could scan em online so you all could see what I saw....but the whole roll was blank! and just in case you think I am a loser with the lense cap on, this is a dummy camera, the kind that wont take a pic with the lense cover on, and it wont make a noise without film in it. So the mystery of the "blimp" continues in my mind. Anyone out there have a similar story to share? drop me a line...well? what are you waiting for dude? start writing!!