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Finally finding my voice I organized my briefcase and retrieved my notebook and good pen.
I began by focusing everything back on the problem that had originally
brought us to this house. Asking relevant questions of the two occupants, I found a couple of interesting points. One, Ben never felt a cool spot and, two, Ben never heard a voice in the night. Why did that not shock me? Scully had taken our PK sensor, an electronic thermometer and voice activated tape recorder and had headed off to tour the residence and check for the supposed and alledged disturbances while I interviewed the home owners. When she returned Sylvia, [Mrs Abrahms] offered more highly sweetened tea. "Syvlie, no one can drink that poison for long, just lets find out what agent Scully has 'discovered', " said Ben, a slight snidness to his voice. I made a mental note of his sceptiscism and looked at my partner, eyes indicating she had better start talking,... NOW. "Well, Mr and Mrs Abrahms, I registered no actual PK activity and my tape recorder picked up nothing but my own footsteps and your voices and the tv and the house seems unusually warm in every room at this time..." she looked down at the tape recorder in her lap and gave me a 'help' sign under her long lashes. "I keep telling Sylvie, there's no one in this house but us!' said Ben in an exasperated tone. "ah, yes, Mr Abrahms, but, its the middle of the day, everyone is awake and there are outside and inside disturbances." I bounced my pen on the notebook and continued, "So, here's what I think.' I said, shooting Scully a look, .."I need to get from Mrs Abrahms the times that she usually experiences these events and then set up our equipment and try to capture the results, only then can we start working out what it is and if its a structural thing as the house cools each night, okay?" I smiled at Mrs Abrahms, considering her my "fan" and cohooter. "Oh Ben!, "she exclaimed, "why don't we make a weekend out of it and stay at that romantic motel, if its still there, that we used to go to when I w..."she slowed and ended what she was saying and blushed in embarassment of a long gone deed. Ben bought it, and smiled, "Yeah, we could use some time away right now, I'm thinking Vegas though, we can make a new memory" he hugged her and gave me a thumbs up behind her back. Ben, it seemed, had been the one who contacted FBI and it was noted that we should suggest they leave the house for a day or two. We were being used as Cupids little helpers, how nice. That was fine, I wanted to be left alone with these video tapes, I needed to know about this X-Files thing. The couple packed for a long weekend in record time, called and made reservations at the Mirage and said they would call us when they arrived. Mrs. Abrahms took me to one side and confided how glad she was that the two best FBI agents in the country were 'on the case'. You gotta love television freaks, they are so special.

Mrs Abrahms was, thank God, a meticulous and organized, bordering on anal retentive, woman. The video tapes were stacked with the most recent taped show on the top. down at the bottom was a tape that was marked "X-Files, Pilot, 9/10/93" That date rang a bell. That was the day that Dana had become my partner! We sat for several hours, riveted to the huge projection tv stopping only for essential breaks of an obvious nature. Once again, I got in trouble for the mess I make with my sunflower seeds, and a waste basket was placed by my seat. There was apparently 7 years worth of episodes to view, and I think it must be said that while most of this stuff happened to us, some was kind of re-written. Take for instance, the liver eating fellow. He wasn't that old! He did though, come from a family of really good B&E guys who used the skill to steal only the victims liver. He couldn't like get really skinny, and he couldn't elongate his body like that. But he was pretty slick, and the family it seems, has a disorder in which they would die without what they could get from a liver. Taking pills and supplements it seems wasn't on their to do list. Oh yeah, and he never ever that I know of, made a paper nest to hybernate in. There was the episode with the mushroom spores. An interesting take on an aggravating day. There were spores, and we were affected by them after having found two skeletons which were thought to be those of a couple of tourists who only went missing the day before. However, they were victims of a sadistic killer who actually peeled the skin right off them. We were never quite sure if it was pre or post mortem. Scully and I spent a very disoriented day with major hallucinations, but never almost got ate as it were by some wierd organism. The space ship off the coast of Africa, lets see.... I did have some mental problems caused by a chemical imbalance and it took them a bit to find out what it was and spent some time in the hospital over it. Scully has never been to Africa. The green flies...yeah, that happened..though I recall no webs and skeletons in that..just really itchy stuff. The model town, happened yes it did! The "body exchange" with a man from area 51. I say it happened, Scully says I'm nuts. Sitting all that time, watching 'ourselves' playing out our lives over a 7 year span as a television show was strange. The thing that I would have to say was the strangest lay in the fact that this was a popular show. There were fans, as we could see by Mrs Abrahms. There were posters, websites, re-runs and here's the thing. We look just like them. Our names are the same. We have had these experiences. We work for FBI, they work for The FBI. Why is it then that NO ONE else has ever noticed and said something? Has every one til now thought of us as a pair of loonies? How can a show with this size following not have leaked into our everyday lives with anyone, someone, saying..Hey, there's a tv show that has two folks with the same names on it..n you LOOK like em too. Not to mention that we work for Assistant Director Walter Skinner, there's an awful smoking man named Spender that moves in and out of our lives, always making things worse. My sister Samantha did disappear when we were kids, and I have always insisted she was abducted by aliens, that alone earned me the title of "spooky Mulder" My father was shot under suspiscious circumstances. What kind of creepy conspiracy is this? Who do I complain to?

Should I complain? We will see. as I always say. "The Truth is out there"