As I said, Mrs Abrahms was pretty meticulous, there were six episodes per tape and each one was dated as to air time. Now...Scully is also, as a doctor and scientist, meticulous it her own right, and, while Im not nearly as anal as these two, I do keep a journal, and, as it happens, had it with me. It is a three year Journal, so I could go back at least that far. Here's what the sticking point is, each episode has an air date, and of course, is filmed prior to that. So my question is, was art imitating life, or, was it somehow directing lives? Everything that happened on these shows, happened to us. All our friends, co-workers and anyone we encountered, our cases, our looks, our homes, our cars..everything was on that show, but they had it happen before our lives had the experience. In case you are wondering, no, we never saw it, no no no and we never bent our lives to suit a show. We had just simply never heard of it prior to this event. We finished watching all the episodes, did the work we knew would turn out negatively and, when Ben and Sylvia called in, told them thier home was free and clear of the oogy boogy man and that perhaps the cool spots and sounds were structural. All Scully could talk about though was the impossible likeness of being. It was un-explainable, and if we were the Mulder and Scully of the tv show, this would be an X-File. We checked into the local Dew Drop Inn, which was an arrangement of scrubby little cabins with little kitchens and an outhouse that served all eight units. There was also a quaint outdoor shower that I wasn't sure was all that safe, and the only water to that was ice cold mountain variety. They had tv though, which as I have said, until very recently interested me in no way. I used to think it a monumental waste of time, but now, I thoroughly perused the television guide, and there, in bold black and white was the listing for the X-Files. It contained a short interesting blurb as to what the episode was about. I found it very interesting, this might very well be our fortune, a predictor for what might happen in a week or a month from now. According to this episode, I am going out in the woods with Skinner[like that would EVER happen, he never goes out into the field] and will be abducted by a UFO....Oh shit! I wonder when that will be?! While Scully is trying to convince me that this is all silly and makes no scientific sense, I can see in her eyes, that she fears this will really happen! If it does, she will pick up the duties of keeping this journal of events.
The trip to this job was long and without note of any sort. Like every other job we go out on, Mulder always drives, and we always seem to get lost for a short time. I spent the weekend watching episode after episode of a television show that had characters that seemed to share our lives. Names would have been a coincidence, just our names as investigators, but I feel something else is happening here. This show encompasses our entire lives, a re-write of our jobs and everyone we work with and know. Mulders' apartment is duplicated, as though they entered it and copied it as a set.They have our quirks and habits and relationship down pat, and all the cases we have worked on, perhaps, slightly dramatized, as we do not take notes in script form and certainly do not write them in an entertaining manner. My own abduction, which was shared only with Skinner and Mulder, was also detailed on this show. My pain at not being able to have children. Everything, every corner with or without light. Nothing was sacred to whomever did the research. I am having trouble keeping myself focused. How do you analyz something like this in a scientific way? I called Skinner from my cabin. He sounded the same. But. It is the FBI, not the F.B.I. that I got on the phone. I mean, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I opened my purse, and checked my ID. It says FBI. of the federal kind. There's my photo, my signature. I am special agent Dana Scully. .But I AM Dana Scully, investigator for F.B.I., Seattle paranormal investigations. Overwhelmed, I decided to lay on the bed, and when I rolled to my side, felt an uncomfortable lump. It was a gun in a shoulder holster. There has to be a logical explanation, if I just think it out, if I just rest awhile perhaps.
I caught Scully coming out of the shower room behind the cabins. she was talking to herself, not a habit that she ever had before. "We have a plane to catch in four hours Scully..lets hurry and get breakfast" She gave me a whithering gaze. "Well, at least those showers wake you up Mulder" She pushed past me and opened the door to her cabin.
Well, I'm not shy, so I followed her. Without turning around she said,"have you looked at your plane ticket yet?" She turned then, and gave the kind of look reserved for teachers, principles, mothers, and,..the occasional police officer. That in mind, I dipped my hand into my inside pocket and produced the ticket. "It's still here, if that's what you mean. " I said, hopefully. "Mulder, check where we came from and where we are going back to." I did just that. "It says Washington." I thought that was difinitive. "no, Mulder, it says Washington DC...DC Mulder!" She went on, "I have a DC address on my drivers license, I am a special agent with the FBI!" Straight faced and without missing a beat I said, "You are?!" It was then she slapped me. Hard. It was then we sat, quietly for a while.

Apparently, we had somehow become a case.

We, Mulder and Scully, were somewhere else.

Somewhere different.

"Look, Mulder, somehow, as much as I hate to admit it, we have gone somewhere else." She was fiddling with her buttons, unable to button up her jacket. I rose and helped without thinking. "Remember not being able to find the Abrahms place?" "Of course I DO!" she said in an irritated tone, "How could I possibly forget?" "Well, you remember the storm, the weird color of the sky?" She stared at me for a moment, "Do yo think, "she said,"that one of your theories is right, because if you do, and it is, I want no 'I told you so's" she brushed hard at my hands, "I can DO it, damn you" she said. "Well, considering the nasty turn of events here, perhaps my alternate realities idea is right, you know?" I watched as she brushed her hair hard enough to make it fall out. "You know how sometimes people just go missing and no one knows how it happened, there one minute gone the next, no clues, no paper trail, just walked off the earth?" "Perhaps, "she said,"they came here?" My head in my hands, throbbing, "yes". I looked up at her, she was staring off into space."Perhaps."


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