The Crescent Moon Journal

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Jeff senior, recovering from a quadruple bypass surgery, was looking tired, but very happy at seeing his son, his daughter in law and the three extremely active grandsons.

Christmas, which was just around the corner, would be a crowded and, for the first time in years, a happy one for Connie and Jeffrey Moon. Their son had finally come home after more than ten years, and his gorgeous, talented wife and three wonderful children...a reason to decorate, have turkey and a tree.

Jeff and Cherry were unaware that the parents had stopped even putting up a tree. They had made ready the two huge bedrooms upstairs and quickly had the chimney cleaned, the fireplace not having been used in many years was a concern, but Connie just KNEW the boys would love having a real chimney to hang their stockings over on christmas eve. She spent hours before they arrived making special stickings for everyone and christmas shopping was actually fun for the first time in a decade.

The next morning, Jeff and Cherry sat sipping good, black coffee and eating from what looked like a buffet of breakfast items. The boys, glad they didn't have to deal with enrolling in school til Monday morning, took advantage of the friday night snow fall to build igloos and forts. Of course, Jake the dog took delight in jumping on them while they worked and knocking them face first into snow drifts.

Connie stood at the kitchen window watching the boys and Jake, and, off to one side, at the top of the driveway, she could see her husband. He was sitting high the the John Deer 2010, the snow plow blade in front creating a mini snowstorm around him.


said Jeff, clearing his throat,

The truck with all our things

will be arriving in the next

few days, and we will

need to find a place

to live really quick.

Connie turned, a little too quickly and a bit ofher coffee slopped over the rim of her cup.


she asked, looking upset.

Well, mom, we have a

house load of things,

including a piano, you know?

and I know there are always

old farm places needing tenants


you know of any we can call real

quick like?