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Welcome to your World of Collectible Dolls

What ever type of Doll you collect, you have seen nothing until you have seen what we can offer!

  • Period Dolls

  • Legend Dolls

  • King Authur

  • Robin Hood

  • Maid Marian

  • Daniel Boone

  • Queen Elizabeth I

  • Queen Victoria

  • Any legend, mythical, fairy tale or movie character

    what ever you are looking for, check with us!! WE will custom make, by hand, any doll custume, you need to complete or begin a collection. For YOUR doll, or one of ours. You must send us your doll for costuming

    **we will not be responsible for dolls, either yours or ours, that are lost or broken during shipment

    You describe what you want, and we will design and create it. These dolls are generally approx. 15 inches high. Each doll is individual, we do not keep them in stock in boxes in a warehouse, these are made when the order is placed. The examples are 15 inch, plastic material doll body. Depending on what you collect, whether it is for the costuming or the entire piece, the doll can be porcelain if you request. We will even dress YOUR doll. Arrangements for that can be made by contacting us. Perhaps you have a doll that became soiled or damaged over the years..we can fix that. Check our sample images and see a small portion of what we can do.*just because a sample of what you want is not on these pages, doesn't mean we can't make that item specifically for you. Happy hunting!

    The House of Marnee

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    If it is not listed, request it. We make custom dolls

    medieval period dolls
    Marie Antoinette
    The French Queen from Austria
    Elizabethan costumed dolls
    Victorian period dolls
    Authurian legends, lancelot etc
    The Merry Men
    Will Scarlet, Robin Hood, Maid Marian etc
    Philadelphia memories
    Franklin, Penn, and the Mummers
    Gypsies and Travelers
    Gypsies, Wanderers, Travelers
    The Future that never happened
    Sci-Fi Fantasy characters.