You're    an    Author,    made    easy!

If you think your life story is of interest, or,
if your accomplishments may seen facinating to others, a book may be the way to share it.

Perhaps you would like to leave a family history, heritage etc.,
for future generations to read how far you have come, or, you have written a novel or screenplay.

Ghost~Writer offers professional services for the new writer.
No need to type, no time comsuming, non-submittable handwritten manuscripts.
Just a tape or two and tape recorder
is all you need.

You can send completed stories on tape, or, if you already have it typed out, send the completed story, with any
images you would like to use.
No hand written pages please, unless it is very easy to read and very neatly done!Price depends on number of pages and images.

1-150 pages and 5 images will cost you only,


What you will receive is a completed manuscript set in
correct format ready to submit to a publisher or a vanity press or producer. email us at: for further details and street address.

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