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Linen and print Pillows,Cushions and covers to redress your own. Any image, or send Your Own for imprint!

table and sideboard runners.

pillows, blankets and ornaments in seasonal decor.

Family heritage and re-union quilts using images of loved ones and family homestead as part of the pattern. Unique!

No frame family picture wall hanging.

Decorate your home with original designs.

We will produce any image for you from a sketch, photo or description. Or you can choose from dozens of original creations from our staff files.

Hang family pictures on linen or silk. Give grandma a heritage quilt with blocks that are pictures of the grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Give friends and family throw pillows or cushions with their favorite images, hobbies depicted on them! If you can dream it, we can create it at

The Image Gallery is here! ! !