The Lone Gunmen

Fohike, Langely and Byers sat staring across a diner table at what looked like Mulder and Scully with a major exception.

This Mulder and Scully claimed to be actors who PLAYED Mulder and Scully.

No really!

"Let me get this straight" said Frohike, re-arranging his silverware yet again.

"You LOOK like OUR Mulder and Scully, and you ARE in fact A Mulder and Scully, but you don't work for Fulton and Bergman Investigations and you think you know us?" Frohike looked at his buddies and they nodded enthusiastically, agreeing with the way he had stated a complicated mess that had arisen.

"Let me see your dirviers license again" said Langley, leaning forward and extending his hand. "Mulder" reached in his breast pocket and produced it one more time, a look of exasperation on his face.

"I don't know what looking at this over and over will do for you, guys..." he looked beside at him at Gillian, who by now was staring out the window.

"It hasn't changed in the last two minutes."