If you are here, you finally did something with that computer aside from playing solitaire or Sims. No one would pay that much for a game system, but they'll buy a computer and ave big ideas and end up using it as the worlds priciest game boy or ps1 or xbox type toy. You may hae thought you'd do your bookkeeping onlilne, but Quicken got you confused, and your finance records got lost when the computer crashed. You either have an idea for a business or have a physical location where you have your busiess located, and you pay rent or mortgage on that space, a light bill, insurance,phones, and, if you have employees, you also pay wages, benefits, unemployment taxes and the list goes on and on.Now~Imagine your very own site, Imagine NOT having to rent a store, pay a light bill or hire employees to keep it open, because you can't work 24-7. On the internet, you can have a store front business, display your product and even make sales right from you own page.while you sleep! You can help with the design, giving suggestions and input, or you can let us design the right look for you based on the business you are in, or, want to be in. Take a look at the sample background available from stock, or have us design one for you. A sample background choices can be found here.
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    for pricing and details.[a basic 3 page business site with five images and ten links is $600 plus search engine fees[we do not own search engines, they are seperate entities with their own rates], and you can lose that store front you are paying high rent on..live life right, in the comfort of your home. We do video captures, digital imaging, original art/logos, scanning services, custom designed sites.

    A sample fantasy site can be found HERE!