When I was perhaps five years old, I asked my dad where babies came from. His response was suitable for telling a five year old, he said, "well, I found you under a cabbage leaf." I guess I took that to heart. We had a veggie garden in our back yard, and of course, there were cabbages, and so I did what any self respecting kid of that age would do, I harvested green caterpillars and fed and cared for them trying to grow a baby. I got what you would expect, butterflies or moths, I have no idea which at this date, as that was all of 56 years ago. But, I still looked at pops as the source of all things true and later in life understood why he told me a tale. I was too young to know exactly where babies came from and it was far more believable than the stork story. I know that had I revisited that question at 15 or 16, he wold have given me the straight dope on the subject, but as it turned out, we had "health education" which gave me vague notions of the concept .. or conception as you like it. I asked my Daddy many questions as I grew, and I know he was as honest and forthright as he could be depending on my age and the need to know rule and extremely open if the area was not sex or boys.