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Hi,im shock-bunny,and im a snowbunny,i bet you know alot about my owner and little to nothing about me,right,thought so.Let me start with how i came to be soul_of_wolf's petpet,well,many snowbunnies were created in year four,in the advent calender,and most where bout a year later,that day,a new avatar was released,i wasnt given to soul that way,i was the first petpet given to any one of soul_of_dragon's pets,my owners owner gave me to him as a gift,in was 2543np,that was 2 months before the avatar was released,then they jumped 5000np in price,cool huh?I keep soul_of_wolf ocupied,other wise he would go through 5 punching bags a day!My favorite food is organic brochili,soul doent like it,so when soul_of_dragons gives it to him,(every night!) i get a goood feeding,yum!!!I also like soul's yeallow lupe plushie,i remember when he was a yellow lupe,purple lupe,and now a christmas lupe!Some people find it strange that i wolf is best friends with a bunny,but he doesnt eat me!Pease enjoy the picys presented here,we had to look through soul's whole room to find them!(whitch was hard because its made out of jellY!) ok,here they are!
This is soul_Of_dragons REAL bunny

4708 largo way
las vegas, nevada 89121
United States