You can join Cyber Producer/ at the Producer level for a one time payment of $50.00 with a cap of $500.00 should you want to join at higher than $50, please e-mail us at: and leave your phone number.

Someone will contact you by phone and verify the amount you wish to invest at and give you the address to mail it to, or a routing number to do an electronic check.

This level gives you an ID and Password and production desk that you can go to as often as you please to see where we are in the pre through post production.

You will also have a production assistant that will send you e-mail updates and insider tidbits.

When the filming is completed, an invitation to the screening. Your name will be listed as Producer on the video and dvd release.

  • You will also be given the chance to

    cast your vote for the screenplay you wish produced.

    The entry with the most votes will be chosen.

    The votes can be checked on by you through your production desk as they come in.

    If this is the level you desire, please go to the sign up page and select Producer