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The Wilson Institute

is holding Seminars in fabulous Las Vegas, NV on a variety of subjects. we will put our list here and, we are starting classes, online for those who cannot make the seminars. The classes have teachers knowlegable in the area you have chosen and are held twice weekly for ease with your personal schedules. Web field trips are offered for those subjects that lend themselves to this process.

At completion, and thepassing of quizes, a "midterm"and "finals" you will be sent a certificate suitable for framing, informing friends and family that you have taken the time to learn about your subject of interest and passed a tests, attended classes and completed the learning process. While seminar attendance is not manditory, it is recommended. Classroom attndance is required, and completing the quizes and finals are required.

Click on the links to the left to read about the subjects, how long completion takes and what is required. we can customize this page and make it just right and plop the link into the sales pitch at ebay