At Universal Haven community outreach, we have a goal of getting blankets and jackets and warm food as often as possible to the homeless. These are the folks you rush by, avert your eyes from and try to avoid because they are scruffy, some are a bit smelly and, of course, you think they are lazy. Remember, everyone is just a few paychecks away from this. Some are disturbed individuals, mentally or emotionally handicapped, some have simply lost their jobs, homes and hope. Yes, there are a few scammers who go home at the end of their 'work day', but most are in genuine need. We are asking you to help us help them. We need clean used blankets, jackets, hats , gloves, boots and shoes in various sizes which you can drop off with us, or, you can make a donation of as much or little as you want and we will get things they need.

Our other effort is the elderly in nursing homes who have either outlived friends and family, or who were 'forgotten'. They need not only a visitor they can count on and plan for, but they also need those things they would ave received had they family coming by, talcum powder, hand lotion, slippers the little extras we all need to feel human. All we ask of you is to treat people they way YOU would like to be treated in the same situation.