The plane dropped lower and lower and began to bank in a wide circle over a smog blanketed city.
As they got down far enough, they swung over the pacific and then in a wide arc over the city and Mulder,
sitting nearest the window, could see Warner Brothers and Universal. The back lot visible, tour buses in strings of three and four large open cars traveling loaded with tourists getting a gawking view of Hollywood at its very best. They were stacked up, in a landing pattern, awaiting their turn. Suddenly, the plane shuddered..a female passenger screamed. Lunging forward, the plane felt as though it had hit a brick wall.

Scully grabbed at Mulders' arm, squeezing very hard. the lights became very bright, almost blinding, then everything was black and sound filtering in seemed as though it were traveling down a long pipe. Both had squeezed their eyes shut and, when the lights came back on, the shock set in.

They were on board, not a large commercial jet liner, but a small 6 seater. LAX was not in sight, but a small airport runway loomed closer, then the wheels hit and that rubber on tarmac sound squealed and the plane decelerated to a full stop.

The two had no idea where they were.

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