Mulder stopped dead in his tracks. Scully, not realizing, ran right in to him, shoving him slightly sideways...

He stepped back into the plane.

"what are you doing? I want off this thing NOW!" she said angrily.
He was patting his breast pocket in his jacket, no wallet.Then he found it in the back trouser pocket and pulled it out.

"Oh my GOD!" he said...
"What??" said Scully in a scared tone. "my name is David Duchovny" Mulder said..."What?" Scully fumbled around in her purse..."and MY name is Gillian Anderson!" she said.

"Um, ...I think those people waiting out there are for us...I think I may be married!" "I never thought you went in for those latina women" Scully said, a jealous tone in her voice.

Mulder and Scully had been in a relationship for three years now and there was about to be trouble! As this conversation was being quietly held..the blonde woman with the baby boy in her arms came up the stairway...
"David? What's wrong?" she said."out of the corner of his mouth, he whispered to Scully..."There yar, I'm consistant...I think THAT is the little woman!"

Scully watched helplessly as THAT woman wrapped one arm around Mulder neck and kissed him passionately. "hmmph" said Scully and thought..'what kind of cheap woman kisses anyone like that in public! As she stood there more or less dumbfounded, the small hispanic woman called out, "Miss Anderson" and waived . 'Oh great!' Scully thought, I don't even know my daughters name..and, gee..I got busy and dont remember it.
She made her way down the stairs, the metal risers clanging as her heels it each one. Unenthusiastically, she kissed the child, and said, in an inane way,"My! you've grown while I was gone!" Separate cars took Mulder and Scully away from each other, in opposite directions, and each one was feeling like they needed to stay close to the other to get back to their own time and place.

Mulder twisted in his seat and looked out the tinted rear window as it sped away from the small sporty red car that was taking Scully from him.