Writers are resposible for their own copyrght, preferrable though the writers guild of America West.
Please send hard copy, treatment only, or very
thorough synopsis. It would be good to either take a script writing course though
Screen Writers of Hollywood, or,
purchase a script from Script City, see how it goes and make an attempt to do one.

Try to leave how a seen fades out to the editor;
remember that the INT-EXT commands are camera placement and not really cast placement.

Do NOT sed the entire script unless it is requested!!

If you cannot write a script, we can offer that service to you for a fee.

Generally this fee is around $500 and can be made in payments or all at once, money order only.

You MUST be a member to use this service, and you must have made at least three monthly payments to arrange a payment plan for script writing services.

If you send a 3 1/2 " diskette, it must be able to be opened in microsoft word. Our computer
is a millenium edition. The monthly fee is 8.95 for writers.