When I was very little, I believed everything my Dad told me.
I believed he invented fire, he decided clouds were pretty and caused it to rain.
We lived in London, England and had a nice garden out back
of the house where Dad grew cabbages and tomatoes and green beans.
There was a gooseberry bush back there too, and I had
many long days in the bathroom over that...they were so good, so sour and tasty
that I would sit down near it and eat and eat, till the tummy ache would begin.

Once, I saw a green caterpillar on a cabbage leaf, and Dad told me thats where babies came from.
Needless to say, I gathered a bunch of them and put them in a nice box
in my room and waited for tiny babies to grow from the little
caterpillars! My room ended of full of moths.
What a disappointing event!

It is obvious I was gullible, so, on the early morning that I ventured into the garden and saw the perfect circle in the grass, I BELIEVED in faerie rings, and I think I still do.

Later I heard Mom and Dad laughing about how he had moved a bucket,
and that is what left the ring
but that did not dissuade me.
I can still envision the wee folk gathering, dancing and eating and hear their tinkling laughter.

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Enchanted Realm

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