They say that Iowa has alot of strange myths and legends
- I'm starting to believe that this is true.
I moved into this old apartment building about a
year and a half ago. Beautiful stained glass windows
trimmed with metal, that's something that
you very rarely see, beautiful woodwork through the
hallways and, in a couple of the apartments, plus,
hardwood floors through all of the apartments.

The cellar has a cement floor except for one room
which has a dirt floor still. I don't know the
history of this house at all but, since I've been here,
I am learning the history through events that are
happening. (I guess I'm ALOT braver than I thought)

When I first moved in, I never noticed any sounds
or anything of this sorts due to the fact of
settling in, meeting the neighbors and so on. With-in about
a months time, I did come to realize a few things.

At first, someone walking through the hall, that's no big
deal until, you are waiting for someone to come home
and you open your door thinking it's that person,
because of the footsteps and, there's no-one in the
hallway at all - never was in the first place -
only the footsteps were there. The tenants upstairs
moved out, then the walking back and forth across
the floor upstairs started constantly.

When this first started, I asked around if someone had
rented the upstairs apartment and, no-one had.
The upstairs apartment also, of course, has stairs and,
you could hear walking up and down the stairs -
the apartment was locked but, the walking up and down
the stairs and across the floor persisted , I'm not
the only one who heard these events happening - ?

Sounds and noises are regularly heard though the hallways.
Nothing bad has ever happened to anyone.

One night, while standing at the front door waiting
for the cab to arrive, the hallway was extremely dark
and rather chilly but, if you looked around, you could
see white circles floating in the hallway.

We seem to have alot of cold air that runs through this
building at certain times even though there are heaters
in all the hallways. About a month ago, I was
visiting my friend in one of the apartments and, when I
left, I was walking through the hallway and turning a
corner when all of a sudden I realized that I was
walking through a white fog - In the hallway -
I didn't know whether or not to run or stay calm -
even though at that moment, calm was the last thing
I was. It was as though this "fog" surrounded the
form of a person. To me, it looked to be a man

- yes, it was that clear - tall, about 6' and
slender. I had caught a glimpse of it before I realized
what it really was and by then, I had already walked
through it. I thought for a 'few' seconds then, the
idea of catching a second glimpse left my mind quickly
as I decided to high tail it to my apartment.

Two nights ago, a bunch of friends and I were playing
Darts in my apartment when, we started to hear the
back door open and close a few times. Problem was,
we were the only ones in the building and everyone else
was out - it was a Friday night and, the other problem
is, we live in a security building. You have to have
a key to get into the building. The guys went to check
to see why the back door kept on opening and
closing and, there was no reason for it, the door
was locked and no-one else in the building had
came home yet. We still don't know why the door opened
and closed like it did. On the same night, we also
heard someone walking half way up the stairs then,
stop. That happened several times and when we
investigated it after the first few times, no-one was there each time.

Last night, in my apartment, just as I was walking to go into the bathroom,
at the doorway, I could smell kool-aid - raspberry or
strawberry - I buy no kool-aid at all. The other
night, could smell peanut butter in the room where
we play darts at - no reason for that smell to be there.

The sounds, noises, smells, mysteries still happen,
Have I moved out? No, I still see no reason for this
because, nothing "Bad" has happened to anyone in this building.

This might sound weird but, most of the time, the tenants
here have a "protected" feeling from this or these Ghosts (?)

As I had stated in the beginning of this, I don't know
the history of this house and through events I am learning about
this home. I truthfully believe that the people that
once lived here might of been a family. A family with
children - due to smelling kool-aid and peanut butter.
I believe that they weren't cruel, violent people
at all. I believe this because of so many foot steps
and the foot steps aren't forceful foot steps, just
normal walking - many foot stes due to alot of
company? Plus, there really is a feeling of protection
that seems to surround this house - that might sound
weird but, if it's not true, can you tell me why
something 'evil' hasn't happened by now, since I've
been here for 1 1/2 years? This IS all true.

Ghosts....Yes or No? here's one from a ghostie friend in on.....

Childhood Bizarre Experience

I grew up in a small farming community in Western New York.
I had a friend named Brenda, who was just my age and lived up the road apiece.
When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I had a dream one night that went like this:
Brenda and I were riding in the back seat of my
sister's black 57 Pontiac. My sister was driving, and Brenda's sister was sitting in the front seat.
Brenda and I were having an argument about
although I do not remember what the
argument was about, and I became so enraged, I reached
over and socked her right in the nose, making it bleed profusely.

I woke up then, in a cold sweat, my fists clenched
tight, and my heart pounding! I looked at the clock
and it was 4 a.m.   I lied there thinking about the
dream and how very real it all seemed. I couldn't wait to tell Brenda about it.

The next morning, I got on the school bus and sat down in the seat with Brenda,
as usual, and began to tell her about my dream, although I did not mention
that I had noticed the time was 4 a.m.

Brenda's response to my story gave me cold chills. It seems she had awoken during night,
about 4 a.m., she said, her pillow all bloody from a severe bloody nose!

Was this just coincidental? Did I actually commit the act in defiance of time and space?
Or was it the power of the mind?

Bizarre... but very true!