Our psychics, Torrie and Gillianne do not do tarot readings, they do a pyschic reading and will not do such readings via e-mail or phone. They require you to email them with a request for details, and will then send you an address to write to them about your questions in life, the past the future etc. The results are of course, not guaranteed,once you know thefuture, Torrie claims, you can attempt to change it or alter your behaviour patterns. It must be said, that these readings are free, and you will not get postal solicitations, or email offers, and your name is never sold, your information never used for any reason other than to fullfill your request. That's a promise from Ghostie. The Request must be hand written by you, and should include your time, place and date of birth.You may write to them by clicking the ORB.

please note: all requests from all these pages go directly to the webmaster of this site, "STAR" and so the page you were on making the request should be mentioned along with any info needed for the request to be fulfilled, the webmaster with send this along to the appropriate agency. thanks!

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