You have entered the witches room, Jamaica is a 2nd generation witch.For information on SPELLS, LOVE, MONEY, SUCCE$$, FAME, FORTUNE you can e-mail her at:


In my travels I have met some spooky people, Jamaica is but one.
So there I was, working a J.O.B. just for money to keep traveling, you know how it goes,
and one chick there starts with an attitude and begins
making life miserable for everyone at the office.
I was pretty close with an Italian girl named Angela DiPonti, and she goes and spits between her fingers every time this mean girl passes us, then
she goes to me, lets visit my friend Mariah tomorrow(a saturday)

We end up out so far in the desert that there's no electrical lines or other places nearby
and there's this little house, more like a small shack,
sitting all alone out there, and a woman, very exotic looking, making soap in
a big pot in the front of the house.

Mariah greeted us and said that Jamiaca said she was
expecting guests, though we hadnt called ahead!
Jamaica was very tall, dark haired and looked like a gypsy.
She poured green tea and started stirring a pot,
then she poured the liquid through a cloth, wrapped up the herbs that had been simmering in a
silk wrap and tied it closed and told us to keep it on our persons.

The visit was apparently over.

In the coming weeks, the girl at work became ill, started taking time off work,
and finally was fired for embezzlement.

I have always wondered what the spell was, Jamaica doesn't say.

Write to her for help with any troubles!

A message from Jamaica:

for those of you who came here seeking more than just information, if you
have a sadness in your heart that needs a balm,
a fear that needs a spell, I can help. I will listen
and respond I will not judge,
I will not laugh.

Currently I am making amulets/talismans for
general purposes,to ward off bad luck,
to increase self assurance which increases
popularity, to reverse bad auras. I will
be offering this for $5, to cover ingredients
and postage only. Click on the email link and
write to get the address here to send a money order
or cash only, I do not believe in credit cards.

Once I have receieved your money order, I will make
your amulet/talisman and send it to you by US mail.

You must write and let me know what your trouble
or need is so the amulet/talisman wil be prepared correctly for you.

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